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Welcome to your
journey of
and growth

I believe that therapy can be a collaborative space where people feel safe and comfortable enough to be their honest and true selves, and feel accepted and supported for who they are. It can help you reflect and process your experiences, improve self-awareness, self-compassion, learn healthy ways to cope, and feel empowered to support yourself to be able to meet your own needs. This is an inclusive LGBTQIA+ friendly platform. 


Please note that I have had to close my practice in December, 2023.


If you would like support in connecting with another therapist, please feel free to reach out.


Individual Counseling

A space for one-on-one counseling to help an individual meet one's needs and feel empowered to support themselves.


Couples Counseling

A space to help you and your partner find ways to communicate effectively and build trust.

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Family Counseling

A space to help members of the family find ways to support and meet each other's needs.

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