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Gautham Krishnan (he/him)

Therapy takes time, and time is subjective for each individual. Our society hasn't been able to provide us the tools we need to understand how to take care of our mental health. When we allow ourselves to take the time we need to heal and grow, it makes it easier to work on our mental health and sustain it.

About Me

I started my journey in Psychology in 2019 when I joined the Master's program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Minnesota. After graduating in 2021, I worked as a therapist at Arubah Emotional Health Services, a Black owned clinic in North Minneapolis for a year, providing services including individual, couples and family therapy. I got to work with people from various circumstances of life.

I believe that therapy should be accessible and affordable to all. In India, education doesn't cover any curriculum on taking care of one's mental health, so as someone who was privileged enough to receive an education in mental health, I want to work towards breaking the stigma around it. 

My approach is an eclectic bent of person-centered, cognitive behavioral therapy and narrative therapy. I use a queer affirmative, trauma-informed lens, being cognizant of the structural and systemic challenges faced by socio-politically disadvantaged minority groups. I help create a collaborative environment for the client to explore how various norms in our society seeped into their experiences and relationships, and helped form their current perspective, perception and ways of coping. When the client is provided a safe space to build self-awareness and understand their ways of functioning without invoking shame, it becomes easier to work towards being patient and self-compassionate, learn and incorporate healthier coping mechanisms, feel empowered to support themselves and meet their own needs. 

Personal Interests

In my free time, I like to spend time in nature, binge on films and shows, cook food, connect with friends, play video games and miss Korra. I also manage a page on Instagram called @the_indiantherapist where I create educational content on mental health.


A few moments in nature from when I was in Minnesota.


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