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Individual therapy

Individual therapy is to provide a space where you can reflect on your experiences, understand your patterns of behavior, actions, thought processes, and identify healthier ways to cope and treat yourself. I believe that self-compassion, patience, and understanding the language one uses with oneself and others is helpful in increasing our self-awareness and treat ourselves with the kindness we deserve. This can help you create a meaningful and healthy relationship with yourself and others. 


Couples therapy is a space to help you and your partner understand how you can support each other, meet your own and your partner's needs, understand each other's love languages, and set healthy boundaries so that you can sustain your relationship while growing together as individuals. This can help you understand how to deal with difficult situations, allow a space to process one's own emotions and work towards building trust. 

Family therapy is a space to help members of the family understand the dynamics of the family that tend to negatively or positively affect other's experiences. It can help to find ways to set healthy boundaries so that you can support each other in a way that doesn't negatively affect you and feels genuine, where you have your own privacy respected, and are also able to build trust with each other. 


Therapy can help
you with




Eating Disorder

Work Stressors

Gender Dysphoria

Relationship Stressors

Body Image

Building Trust

Exploring Sexuality

Negative Self-Talk

Healthy Boundaries



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